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The International Monetary Fund(IMF) projected that Africa may soon occupy seven out of ten fastest growing economy overtaking Asian competitors in terms of future business opportunities. Africa is today home to 700 large and increasingly pan-African – companies earning revenues of greater than $500 million. These companies together boast $1.4 trillion in revenues, and many continue to grow very fast.

The world’s eyes are turned toward Africa’s market of over one billion people, including a growing middle class, vast Natural resources, millions of square kilometers of fertile land, a rapidly growing young population, high rates of urbanization which has led to increase in households and businesses consumption. Investors also see significant opportunities to invest in Africa’s non-commodities sectors: financial services, construction and manufacturing now account for 50 percent of Chinese FDI in Africa.

Motherland Beckons is making a clarion call to all Africans in Diaspora and friends of Africa by providing a platform weaved around business innovations in Africa.

Business Bridge

The business bridge aims to grow Africa’s small and medium scale businesses by creating a link between small /medium scale business owners with potential investors in the Diaspora. An investor in the Diaspora provides the fund for a business project (usually small/medium scale business project), business bridge recommends the beneficiaries who are business owners with the technical/vocational knowhow. A financial institution ensures the proper disbursement of the investment returns to the investors.

Since inception, many Africans in the Diaspora have helped finance and grow businesses at the same time raking in good financial returns without having to leave the shores of their abode. BRIDGE THE GAP.(This leads to a form that potential investors will fill indicating their vocation of interest ,amount to invest and expected ROI )


Africa Turkey trade Centre platform was founded in partnership with MUSIAD to enhance the world’s investment/trade relations with Africa by connecting Turkey with the entire continent of Africa and also to create an avenue in Turkey where the whole world can trade, invest and exchange cultures with Africa. In other words, those who think Africa is too far away can fly in from Europe, Asia and the Americas to Konya, Turkey to connect with 54 African countries at the ATTC headquarters.