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With its expansive landscapes, formidable animal life, diverse culture and over 200,000 years’ civilization, the world's second-biggest continent is arguably the best for photographers, leisure, adventure, archeological and educational tourists.

Throw in that sense of being in a place that hasn't changed for centuries, and sometimes millennia, and you get some of the most inspiring, and inspired, destinations on the planet.

We have realized that the best way to spread prosperity throughout Africa is to encourage Africans and lovers of Africa to travel to Africa . It is for this reason that motherland beckons destinations was created to focus the world’s attention to the beautiful landscapes, historic towns and diverse culture of Africa via tours and entertainment. Motherland beckons tours include safari, cultural entertainment, recreation, shopping e,t,c

Motherland beckons destinations created programs tailored to kids and teens ,youths,the young at heart and corporate organizations .


Kamp Afrika is an educational camp for young (aged 5-18years) Africans and lovers of Africa living on the continent and in the Diaspora as well as lovers of Africa. The camp aims at exposing participants to African culture and values featuring folktales ,African culinary preparation, drumming sessions, arts, poetry, fashion, making the traditional tie and dye cloth,, Simulated African wedding and naming ceremonies e.t.c. Participants get to discover Africa and the warm hospitality of its people.

Youth African Tourism Expedition (YATE)

YATE is designed for tourists aged 18-35 years. YATE sole aim is to integrate Africa’s culture in the Youths through tours across the continent.

Corporate African Eco Retreat (CAER)

CAER is bespoke retreat and bonding exercise designed for corporate organizations who prefer an eco-friendly African themed environment for their retreats. Corporate organizations conduct such retreats in a serene environment where participants have access to a variety of activities that include volley ball, basketball, paint balling and other activities that are specifically designed to enhance team bonding.

The Waki Waki show

The Waki - Waki show is a musical Jamboree designed to attract the world’s attention to African music.